Lisbon is Portugal’s capital city and one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe. The Lisbon region has over hotel 50.000 rooms available. A wide variety of choices ranging from three star hotels to four-star hotels. Near the conference venue there are several options within walking distance. The city has a public transportation system with Bus and subway (Metro) that can be used by attendees staying in other parts of Lisbon. Accommodation in Student Halls of Residence is also available at reduced rates for students .

Accommodation in Student Halls of Residence

ILCC2020 will be able to provide 40 rooms to accommodate students in NOVA Halls of Residence (in the Lumiar Halls).

There will be the option of choosing between four typologies in this Residence:

– Individual room with private bathroom – 38 €/night

– Individual room with shared bathroom – 27.50 €/night

– Twin room with private bathroom (for both students) – 27.50 €/night

– Twin room with shared bathroom – 22 €/ night

(SASNOVA applies a discount of 25% of the value per night, from the 5th night on)

Students that are interested in making reservations are requested to fill this form (using CAPS LOCK) with their details and the following information:

  • Accommodation category: Temporary / Summer Accommodation
  • Profile: Visitor
  • Faculty at NOVA: FCT
  • Academic details: Student 3rd cycle
  • Reason for the request of Accommodation: CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE
  • Accommodation Residence: Lumiar Halls
  • Comments: ILCC2020

The payment of the accommodation will be performed directly to SASNOVA and their contacts are in the bottom of the accommodation reservation form.

ILCC2020 organising committee cannot assist you on this matter, the whole process has to be managed directly with SASNOVA.

Additional student accommodation will be available at Student Halls of Residence within walking distance from the conference venue, with prices in the range €30-€35 per night. More details will be posted here as soon as they become available.


Hotel Accommodation

If you need assistance regarding hotel reservation, please contact: (Ms. Madalena Almeida, ILCC2020 Desk, Abreu Events)

Abreu Events has been appointed to staff the official registration desk during the conference, handle registration, accommodation, travel and social program.