Plenary Lecturers



Professor Randall Kamien 

University of Pennsylvania – U.S.A.

Why Topology Needs Liquid Crystals


Seung Hee Lee

Professor Seung Hee Lee

Chonbuk National University – Republic of Korea

The Evolution of LC Technologies and Full Blooming TFT-LCDs





Professor Sriram Ramaswamy

Indian Institute of Science – India

Liquid Crystalline Order, Fluctuations and Defects in Active Matter



Blanca Ros


Professor Maria Blanca Ros

University of Zaragoza – Institute of Materials Science of Aragon (ICMA) – Spain

Exploiting our know-how in liquid crystals: strategies to benefit from mesogens’ supramolecular interactions




Professor Robin Selinger

Kent State’s Liquid Crystal Institute – U.S.A.

Modeling shape transformations in liquid crystal elastomers