• Liquid Crystals in Biology and Active Matter
Instabilities, pattern formation and chaos, fibers
Biological and bio-inspired liquid crystals

• Macromolecular Liquid Crystals
Nanostructured systems, supramolecules
Polymers, elastomers and gels
Liquid crystal polymers and elastomers
Photosensitive liquid crystals

• Confined Liquid Crystals
Self-assembly, colloids
Frustrated phases and complex systems
Surfaces, confined systems and alignment control
Surfaces and nanostructures
Confined systems
Nanomaterials and nano-composites

• Design of New Materials
Molecular design, synthesis and materials
Phases, structure and ordering
Symmetry, chirality, polarity and bent-core molecules, chromonics
Hydrogen-bonded systems
Nanomaterials and nano-composites
Photosensitive liquid crystals
Dielectric, ferroelectric and flexoelectric properties
Ferromagnetic liquid crystals

• Mathematical Modeling, Symmetry and Topology
Phase transitions
Phase structures and defects
Dynamics and pattern formation
Theory, simulation and modeling
Hydrodynamics and rheology

• Novel Applications
Displays and devices
Optics and photonics
Electronics, energy and environment
Functional materials for devices, optical films, optical devices
Actuators and haptic devices
Conductive liquid crystals
LC lasers and nonlinear optical devices
Smart textiles