Professor Takashi Kato

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Design of New Functional Liquid Crystals



Jan Lagerwall 1


Professor Jan Lagerwall

Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Colloidal Liquid Crystals


miha Ravnik


Professor Miha Ravnik

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Modelling Liquid Crystals at Mesoscopic Scale: Structure and Light


António Figueiredo Neto


Professor António Figueiredo Neto

University of São Paulo, Brazil

New Trends on Lyotropic Liquid Crystals




Professor Ivan Smalyukh

University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

From Windows to Mars: New Applications of Liquid Crystals


Photo-Yanlei Yu


Professor Yanlei Yu

Fudan University, Shangai, China

Photodeformable Liquid Crystal Polymers and Bioinspired Soft Actuators